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Audio Publisher (A-CMS)

With the Audio Publisher from Audiocont you are writing a post easy. How do you know if you are hitting the nerve of your customers?

Instead of relying on clicks and comments, you will now know exactly how the listeners like your work. Audiocont’s reporting tool provides you with the full range of passive interaction data:

How many listeners do you have? Where did you lose your handset? Which group of listeners would like additional information?

And all this without spying on a single user. You can immediately exchange content or take positive countermeasures in the next issue.

Follow the success strategy of Netflix and Co. to meet the specific needs of your customers. This is the only way to create lasting customer loyalty.

Audiocont’s Audio Content Management System (A-CMS) makes customer loyalty easy.

„From the middle, people just didn’t hear any more. I didn’t think it could be seen so clearly. It seemed as if I had bored everyone with the same sentence. Pretty brutal. I rewrote it right away. Now three quarters listen to the end.“

Julian L.


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