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With the Audiocont-App for iOS and Android app, you always have your information and training centers with you. With only one „Play-Button“ you can enjoy your knowledge advantage or take an exam on the way.

You get new time-frames! A trip by train, for example, becomes an educational trip.  You can often remember content twice as effectively. The emotional bond with the speakers can anchor the content more easily. You get a good overview. Interact with the authors. We have rethought hearing media and made them tangible,

What makes the Audiocont player special?

1. The app adapts to your wishes

a. Topics are sorted according to your interests
b. Topics are played with your desired content
2. Keep the overview

a. Belongs to articles move backwards
b. You always know what you have heard

3. Read whenever you want
4. combining audio, graphics and written content
5. easy and individual training
6. mandatory information can be reported transparently and automatically
7) Through quizzes or tests you can improve your knowledge or obtain certifications.


Download Audiocont App for iOS and Android

Install the free Audiocont app on your iOS or Android smartphone. With only one click you enjoy many advantages of the innovative media player!

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